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Tree roots, the most important parts of a tree are underground. But, working underground is challenging. For starters, you can't see what is down there. And, to get below the soil surface you have to dig and that runs the risk of damaging tree roots. Not for us. Donnellan and Sons Landscaping uses a specialized tool called an air-spade to get through the soil without damaging tree roots. An air-spade is an over powered air compressor that physically blows away soil without damaging tree roots. Here are the main ways we use our air-spade.

Excavating Root Flares - Often during construction, soil is built up to level the land and soil is packed against tree trunks. This is a ticking time bomb for trees. Many of mother natures’ natural recyclers live in the soil; their job is to break wood materials back into soil. The trunk does not have natural defenses against these recycling (aka decay causing) organisms. Soil built up on tree trunks will eventually lead to trunk rot. It is well known to take up to 20 years or more for the rot to set in, but the damage is not reversible and will eventually kill the tree. Excavating root flares is a common service we provide. The airspade allows us to dig out all the extra dirt without the risk of damaging the tree with shovels.

Trenching Near Trees - Using an airspade, we can cut trenches very close to trees without the risk of killing the tree from cutting roots. This is especially helpful for installing sprinkler systems in yards with trees.

Decompacting or Restructuring Soil - Soils get compacted in high traffic areas. Constant pressure on the surface of the soil squeezes the small pores from the soil that hold air and water. Using an airspade we can till the soil and allow precious air and water back in without damaging tree roots. For an even more dramatic impact, we can incorporate organic matter into the soil.

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